Condo Guides


The Guides available for download from this page have been generated by the Board of Directors to inform Residents and Owners of the various rules, policies, and procedures necessary to successfully navigate condo life and help to maintain a Unit at 200 Rideau.

building iconCondominium Guide
A comprehensive Guide describing the rules, policies, and procedures, with references to the Ontario Condominium Act of 1998, and necessary information to ensure the enjoyment and security of all owners and residents at 200 Rideau. This Condominium Guide also outlines the roles of the Condo Corporation, the Board of Directors, and the Property Manager.

Welcome Booklet iconWelcome Booklet 
This quick reference Guide is an abridged version of the full Condominium Guide, containing everyday useful information from interfacing with the Front Desk to using the Amenities. This Welcome Booklet also outlines the Fire Alarm and Emergency procedures, and contact information for the Superintendent, Security, and the Property Managers.

Unit MaintenanceUnit Maintenance Guide
A new Guide has been developed to assist owners in maintaining their Units for maximum efficiency, reliable operation, and to identify small problems before they become expensive service calls and repairs. This Guide contains instructions, information, photos, including a checklist of simple tasks to be performed by owners every spring and fall.

Floor Plan Icon200 Rideau Street Floor Plans
This page contains links to the original Claridge Plaza Floor Plans, Sales Brochure, Luxury Features, and Price List released in 2005. There were 25 different layout designs in the building ranging from a 591 Sq Ft, One Bedroom Suite to a 3300 Sq Ft, Two Level Penthouse. Please click this Floor Plans link to visit the page.

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